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Blank 32" Badge Reels w/Loop SnapBlank 32" Badge Reels w/Loop Snap$0.39 - $1.0032" Round Badge Reels with Loop Snap32" Round Badge Reels with Loop Snap$1.40Badge Reels - Built Your WayBadge Reels - Built Your Way$0.81 - $2.20Custom Printed Badge ReelsCustom Printed Badge Reels$0.72 - $1.94Heavy Duty Badge ReelsHeavy Duty Badge Reels$6.71 - $15.25

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Retractable Badge Reels

Retractable Badge Reels are a plastic device with an extendable cord that reels back in automatically. The device comes with a metal clip that you can attach to your business suit, lab coat, uniform, belt, shoes, and more. Whether you're in security, the medical field, R&D, or planning an international conference or event, badge reels are a functional and convenient way to carry your identification and compliment your professional image.

Our Blank Badge Reels are a great option on a budget or time-schedule. They are in stock and can ship the same day you order, at very competitive prices. Although, if you have time to plan in advance, our custom Printed Badge Reels are a great way to promote your organization's logo. They do require a one-time logo set-up fee and we can ship them in about 12-15 business days. Our Blank or Printed Badge Reels come in Royal Blue, Green, Gray, Black, Red, and White. They are lightweight and their standard loop snap makes it easy to attach to a badge holder or slotted card.

If your industry calls for something tougher or sturdier, you might consider purchasing a Steel Badge Reel. Equipped with a reinforced steel wire, our heavy duty Steel Badge Reels expand to 22", and their stable design enables them to secure heavier items. You can select from four attachment options including a clip, hook, loop snap, or key ring. While it comes at a bit more of a premium, Steel Badge Reels offer consistent longevity that is valued in many settings.

If you don't want to purchase lanyards and badge reels separately because of additional cost, you may consider our Retractable Woven Lanyards. They are more cost-effective than individual purchase and come pre-assembled, thus saving you the time and hassle of individual assembly. With 5 badge reel colors and no limitations on lanyard colors, you can create a combination to match your organization's logo and style. They are sold in groups of 100 and can ship in approximately 16 business days.

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