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Blank Lanyards

Blank lanyards are a low-cost and easily visible promotional item for schools, businesses, or organizational events. For blank neck lanyards, you have the option of flat polypropylene, polyester rope cord, tube polyester or you can also build it your way. With up to 15 different color options, and several attachments to choose from including a hook, key ring, and water bottle loop, you are sure to find a unique lanyard style to meet your needs.

When you build it your way, you can maximize your creativity with over 2,000 cool combinations available. You can choose your lanyard's material, size, color, attachment, and there are additional custom options for an adjustment bead, safety breakaway, and buckle.

Our most cost-efficient blank lanyard to buy is our 1/4" Rope Cord Lanyard with hook. However, all blank lanyards are offered at cheap and affordable rate for group purchases. While our lanyards are sold in groups of 100, as a wholesale manufacturer, we also offer progressive discounts for bulk order lanyards.

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