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9/21/2018 3:53:22 PM

I found the website confusing and I ordered a design that didn't actually work for what I was needing. However, the customer service was beyond exceptional and timely! The representative was very easy to reach and helped me order exactly the right product to meet my organization's needs! She gave me options to work the design I wanted into my already existing request. Thank you Alexa Baker!

Lorri Ann - Virginia Beach, VA

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9/21/2018 9:44:32 AM

Jared is simply a delight to work with! He is courteous and efficient. My orders always arrive more quickly than I could hope and in perfect condition. Thank you,!

Stephanie Wilson - Atlanta, GA

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9/21/2018 8:40:19 AM

I have been working with for 3 years and it's been great. Jeshua is always helpful and quick to answer any questions.

Thanks for the great customer service!!

Nikki - Atlanta, Georgia

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9/20/2018 8:14:14 AM

Jeshua is awesome! I simply send him an email explaining what I need and he takes care of it. It's nice to know my request will be handled in a timely manner.

Pam - JRE

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9/19/2018 6:55:39 PM

How long it took to get a proof and the product

Jason - Florida

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9/19/2018 9:26:02 AM

Super fast service.

Charles Lindsay - Suisun City, CA

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9/13/2018 8:23:31 PM

Great Service!

Chris Campbell - Spring Hill MRI

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9/13/2018 8:39:53 AM

Jeshua is an incredible customer service representative. I've place two orders now with Jeshua and he has gone above and beyond to make sure I get the perfect product. He is responsive and prompt. He is professional, relatable and kind. I will continue to order the nametags for my company through Jeshua because I trust him as an individual based on my experience.

Amanda - St. Joseph, MN

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9/10/2018 12:39:47 PM

I have purchased these name tags from you in the past. I have ALWAYS had favorable comments on these name tags.
I attend various functions during the year and I cannot stand the name tags that are customarily provided.

Marietta - Logansport, LA

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9/8/2018 12:54:09 PM

I think we are back on track with our orders now. We hope we will not have any further gaps in the fulfillment of orders like we have had in the past.

Tom Allen - Nashville Temple

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