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3"x 4" Custom Printed Badge Holders3"x 4" Custom Printed Badge Holders$0.26 - $1.508" x 4" Printed Badge Holders8" x 4" Printed Badge Holders$0.28 - $1.65   

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Custom Badge Holders

Whether at a conference, tradeshow, or anywhere, storing your Name Badge with a custom badge holder not only helps protect and expand the life of your Name Badge, but also allows another convenient opportunity to show your logo or a customized message. You can attach your personalized badge holder to a Lanyard, necklace, or Badge Reel. We offer a 3" x 4" horizontal or 8" x 4" vertical vinyl name badge holder with up to 5 different colors of print to choose from.  The order minimum is 100 for custom badge holders and production usually takes approximately 15-20 production days.

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