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5/8" Flat Lanyard - Hook5/8" Flat Lanyard - Hook$0.15 - $0.261/2" Flat Lanyard - Bulldog Clip1/2" Flat Lanyard - Bulldog Clip$0.48 - $1.101/2" Flat Lanyard - Clasp, Buckle1/2" Flat Lanyard - Clasp, Buckle$0.53 - $1.203/4" Flat Lanyard - Bulldog Clip3/4" Flat Lanyard - Bulldog Clip$0.48 - $1.103/4" Flat Lanyard - Clasp, Buckle3/4" Flat Lanyard - Clasp, Buckle$0.53 - $1.20
3/4" Flat Lanyard-Clasp,Buckle,Breakaway3/4" Flat Lanyard-Clasp,Buckle,Breakaway$0.51 - $1.25    

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Flat Polypropylene

Blank flat polypropylene lanyards are a classic way to set apart conference members, show off team colors at a sports camp, or make a colorful splash at event. Besides displaying ID badges, day passes, meal cards, they also provide easy access to keys, cell phones, and other accessories.

We offer 12 different color options, three different sizes, and several attachment options including a hook, clip, clasp/buckle, and clasp/buckle/breakaway. Our detachable safety breakaway is a popular option that comes with an easily separable clasp.

Our most economic flat polypropylene lanyard is our 5/8" Flat Lanyard with Hook in Blue, Green, Red, or White. All flat polypropylene lanyards are sold in groups of 100 and can ship the same day that you order them. For bulk orders larger than 300, we can offer progressive discounts.

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