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There is something exciting about receiving a product with your name on it, especially a nametag. Company or event nametags are a personalized way to reinforce your logo and Nametags employees, friends, and family. 

Full Color and Laser Engraved Nametags create a professional and sophisticated look in every environment. They are perfect for a variety of uses including name tags, logo only tags, and ID photo badges to name a few. You can also have plastic nametags custom cut to shape your nametag in a way that is fun and attention grabbing (i.e. dental name tags in the shape of a tooth, etc.).

We also offer Blank Plastic Nametags in over 30 different colors and Blank Metal Nametags in four different colors. These are great if you already own an industrial labeler, or we also have ID card printers available for purchase.

Screen Printed Nametags are created by transferring the image to a screen where a stencil (or image plate) is produced and is used to recreate your text and logo on the desired medium. Screen printed name tags come in over 30 background colors and are a great option for bulk orders with a minimum order of 500 pieces.

For one-time events, we offer Disposable Nametags at an inexpensive price. We also offer Reusable Nametags, such as window badges and plastic inserts that allow you to efficiently label and view information.

You can also choose to have your logo Hot-Stamped onto a nametag. Our hot-stamping machine heats a metal stamp (or die) and imprints your logo by permanently adhering the foil (or thin polyester film) to the name tag. We offer over 10 foil colors with over 30 background color options.

For those finishing touches, we have three edging options: square corners, rounded corners, and beveled (cut at an angle to provide an accented finish). Our name tag Locking Pins come standard at no extra charge, and for a small additional charge, we offer several backing options, including a Magnetic Backing. Ultimately, the potential of our nametags is as limitless as what you can imagine.


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