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1/4" Custom Colored Rope Cord Lanyards1/4" Custom Colored Rope Cord Lanyards$0.34 - $0.521/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Hook,Breakaway1/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Hook,Breakaway$0.48 - $0.801/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Ring1/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Ring$0.27 - $0.601/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Hook1/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Hook$0.23 - $0.381/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Ring,Breakaway1/4" Rope Cord Lanyard-Ring,Breakaway$0.31 - $0.80

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Polyester Rope Cord

Whether you’re in charge of planning a scout troop activity, youth group hike, summer camp, or other event, these colorful, durable, and affordable polyester rope cord lanyards are a useful tool for unifying groups by color, and they also make a fun keepsake. You can use them to attach key chains, group ID Cards, cell-phones, water bottles, and much more.

Our most economical choice is our standard 1/4" Rope Cord Lanyard with Hook with over 12 different color options.

You can customize your lanyards by choosing from nine attachment options, including swivel hooks, bulldog clips, or carabiner clips. One choking prevention mechanism that we offer is our safety breakaway that comes with either a snap or Velcro breakaway, which is available for many styles. Also, if you need multiple colors, you can create your own 100-pack with your desired color combination.

We also offer key ring attachments such as a key ring, hook, hand sanitizer, and more.

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