Digitally Printed Yard Signs

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Product Category: Banners and Signs
Minimum Qty: No Minimum
Sales Quantity:Sold Individually
Material:Corrugated Plastic
Attachments Included In Price:3 - 5 Business Days

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Product Specifications: Digitally Printed Yard Signs
Sales Quantity: Sold Individually
Minimum Quantity: No Minimum
Less than Minimum Fee: N/A
Sample Price: $40.00 (credited if ordered in 30 days)
Average Production Time: 3 - 5 Business Days (Contact us for 24 hour Rush orders)
Product Material: Corrugated Plastic
Imprint Area: Same as outer dimensions
Product Dimensions: We offer four different sizes: 12"x18", 18"x24", 2'x3', 4'x4', and we can custom cut them.
Product Weight: 0.43 LB per Square Foot
Shipping Information: Click here to see our Shipping Information
Artwork Guidelines: Click here to see Artwork Guidelines
Recommended Uses: For public advertisement, signage
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Product Durability: Quality corrugated plastic ensures full product life
Additional Information: Our corrugated plastic signs have a number of advantages over traditional aluminum and poster board signs. They are lightweight and sturdy which makes them easier to store: and they are more easily attached to frames. If bent, they don't leave a permanent crease and they cost less!

When storing, we recommend placing a sheet of packing paper or bubble wrap between the signs if stored in multiples.

All signs are most durable in moisture-free environments, but where this cannot be avoided, we highly encourage our customers to wipe them down prior to proper storage. Also, if they are going to be outside they will typically last a year without fading depending on what direction they face and where the customer is. Arizona, Florida, Texas, New Mexico are harsh environments for printed signs. Also, you may consider the direction that the sign faces as south facing signs will fade faster than north facing.

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