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3"x4" Rigid Badge Holders3"x4" Rigid Badge Holders$0.281" x 2" Acrylic Holders, Pin/Clip1" x 2" Acrylic Holders, Pin/Clip$0.16 - $0.53Heavy Duty 3"x4" Horizontal Badge HolderHeavy Duty 3"x4" Horizontal Badge Holder$0.50 - $0.60Horizontal Badge Holder w/ Zip ClosureHorizontal Badge Holder w/ Zip Closure$0.33 - $0.93Vertical Badge Holder w/ Zip ClosureVertical Badge Holder w/ Zip Closure$0.33 - $0.93

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Specialty Badge Holders

Badge holders provide a transparent protection for Name Badges or Badge Holder Inserts. We carry several Badge Holders in stock with various sizes, orientations, accessories. Some of our popular Badge Holders our our Mini-Specialty Badge Holders that we have included in our selection by popular request. They are made from popular rigid substances such as acrylic and acetate to provide a strong layer of protection for the Name Badge. Because of their small size, they can accomodate much smaller tags from 1-5/8" x 2-3/8" to 1" x 2".

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