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1/2" Tube Lanyard - Key Ring1/2" Tube Lanyard - Key Ring$0.27 - $0.651/2" Tube Lanyard - Bulldog Clip1/2" Tube Lanyard - Bulldog Clip$0.18 - $0.421/2" Tube Lanyard - Clip, Breakaway1/2" Tube Lanyard - Clip, Breakaway$0.33 - $0.801/2" Tube Lanyard - Hook, Breakaway1/2" Tube Lanyard - Hook, Breakaway$0.33 - $0.801/2" Tube Lanyard - Swivel Hook1/2" Tube Lanyard - Swivel Hook$0.12 - $0.42

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Tube Polyester

Sporting events, music camps, and club fundraisers are just a few of the many organizational events that benefit from our tube polyester lanyards. While they can help identify your name and organization by attaching Name Badges, these lanyards can also help you coordinate group activities as well as keep track of maps and promotional items at your event. Lanyards have limitless uses and the wearers will also gain a timeless keepsake.

Our comfortable 1/2" tube polyester lanyard comes in over 13 different color options. Attachment options include a hook, clip and key ring. Our standard hook and clip are the most economical, although for a small premium, you can include our behind the neck safety breakaway.

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