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Custom Printed Lanyards

With Custom Printed Lanyards, you have the ultimate control to design a lanyard that will call as much attention as you like. Promotional lanyards are a fast and inexpensive way to create ongoing advertising for your brand through events and face-to-face interaction with customers.

Often times, quick production time is as important as the lanyard itself, so we proactively stock 15 different styles of lanyards in a dozen different color options.  If a rush is necessary, this allows same-day customization at our facility.

Our stock lanyards in flat and tube polyester come with a variety of accessories including a clip, hook, key ring, clasp and safety breakaway. One of our most popular combinations is the clasp, buckle, breakaway lanyard. This style of lanyard includes a clasp at the bottom to clip to your name badge or keys, a detachable plastic buckle in the center, and an option to separate or breakaway the clasp along the back of the neckline for easy removal.

With a 15-20 day production window, we can typically customize your lanyards any way you like.  The extra production time is necessary for dyeing and curing fabric to specific colors, assembling certain attachments, and arranging for any other special requests that may be included in the order. Some of the most commonly requested Custom Built Lanyards are double ended lanyards, sublimated lanyards, bamboo lanyards, pocket lanyards, eyeglass lanyards, and more.

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